Policy Statement
Primepak Foods Ltd will endeavour to provide products which are wholesome; and, in keeping with our tradition of serving customers to the highest standard, we will constantly work towards the following objectives:-
• Quality systems that define procedures and responsibilities and which ensure that all appropriate European legislation on the manufacture and sale of foodstuffs is complied with.
• Assured Quality implementation of food hygiene standards and the application of good processing practice.
• High Quality H.A.C.C.P. system which determines production and processing risks, responsibilities and action.
• Strategic assessment of suppliers and agreed specifications and procedures for checking/monitoring raw materials against the agreed specifications.
• Strategic traceability for all raw materials and finished products.
• Assured risk assessment, and implementation where necessary, of the appropriate means of foreign body detection.
• Strategic analysis, assessment and logging of customer complaints with appropriate corrective action.
• Selective recruitment, development and training of appropriate staff in due diligence and compliance with the Company objectives in achieving Quality Products, Service and Value for our Customers.